Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting Back to it...

Treat weekend for everyone at our house.  Treat for my son Will because he was picked up by Grandma and Grandpa on Friday afternoon and came home this afternoon (Sunday). He saw the movie "Cars 2" and got to see his first figure 8 race last night!  We had the opportunity to go out for dinner two nights in a row for grown up dinners... and I never had to utter the phrase, " Please sit down on your bottom and eat something."  We also got several house projects completed without assistance. 

The one project that I wanted to show you from the weekend began with an idea on the blog Apartment Therapy at :  I was kind of leery of the idea of putting books in the fireplace.  Dirty, dusty, cobweb-y  were the words I thought of immediately, but after looking through the example photos I decided that it might be worth a shot and certainly better than the pillar candle pyramid with mirror behind.  THAT is a trend that has been over for some time and I was tired of it.  I was able to thoroughly clean the inside of the fireplace and locate a number of books to use just by shopping my bookshelves at home.  I have designs on hitting up the thrift shops to find more vintage books with cool covers but that will have to wait until after vacation next week.  So here is my take on... books in the fireplace.
Books in the fireplace... cool or not cool?  I really want to find a color scheme, but I need more books! 
So that is my take on that idea.  It did give my living room a cleaner look and if I am able to find some more interesting book covers I think I could really enjoy this... what do you think?
Good night all, Monday morning awaits....

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